I absolutely LOVE being invited to look around a stunning new wedding venue that’s a little bit different and inspires couples to create something truly magical. So on my first visit to Low Osgoodby Grange Wedding Venue in North Yorkshire I was really pushing my own creativity trying to imagine it as anything more than a field in the middle of nowhere. But going back 3 weeks later to participate in a styled wedding shoot and the place had been completely and stunningly transformed. Here’s how it went from Field To Fabulous in five magical steps.


The focal point of any wedding, where the story comes together and unites two soul-mates surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The team at Low Osgoodby Grange have created a beautiful and intimate woodland hideaway that is discrete enough for the focus to be purely and simply on the couple, but memorable enough that guests will never forget being part of a magical day. The options are numerous with the venues flexibility catering for either a blessing following a church wedding, a legally recognised marriage ceremony or a totally bespoke celebrant-led wedding ceremony created especially for the couple. And why stop at weddings, it’s also the perfect backdrop for vow-renewals, commitment ceremonies, baby naming and memorial services. With beautiful wooden furniture for guests and a gorgeous central display table rescued from the barn, everything about this woodland glade remains true to its natural roots, whilst looking as though it’s slipped from the pages of a glossy magazine.


Once the happy couple have pledged their commitment the celebrations can truly begin, and there’s acres of space to let loose and go wild at Low Osgoodby Grange. Without neighbours to complain or other weddings sharing your space, guests are free to sip champagne around the fire pit, or stroll around the lake as the couple have their photographs taken against a backdrop of rolling hills and gorgeous greenery. Whilst the venue is beautiful, it’s also really, really chilled and relaxed! If your ideal wedding is hay bales, wellies, cracking a can open and a hog roast, Low Osgoodby can provide everything you need. That’s the beauty of booking such a blank canvass – you can turn it into whatever picture is in your head! If you want to ditch the formalities and just have some fun, why not set-up archery or clay shooting by the lake or for the more competitive couples, there’s ample room for sack races and putting greens. There’s very little you couldn’t do at this place, so long as it’s legal!


For the purposes of the styled shoot, a huge 120 seater Tipi had been set up that accommodated both the formal wedding breakfast, bar and dancefloor. Again there was plenty of space for guests to mingle, whilst also creating the intimate atmosphere of being under canvass. As mentioned, the beauty of booking a field location is that you can make it as big or small, formal or informal as you like. There would be plenty of room for a much bigger Tipi, with more indoor elements such as ice-cream carts, sweetie tables, casinos, bucking Broncho’s or face painting for the little ones. Or why let your imagination stall at Tipi’s … think marquees, sperry tents and yurts …even a big top! But if you’re brave enough for no Tipi at all and you can re-create the festival feel with food trucks, mobile bars, merry go rounds and Tattoo stalls (I’m guessing temporary one unless you’re REALLY brave).


So in amongst all the fun there are just some (boring) practicalities that you have to think about when it comes to hosting that many people who have probably had a drink or 3! People are going to need the loo but there are a whole myriad of suppliers who can drop off and keep tidy posh portaloos that your guests won’t even realise aren’t ‘proper’ toilets. There are stacks of accommodation options from pitching a few tents, to bringing along your camper van, setting up some bell-tents or using the handy B&B right at the edge of the field for those who don’t want to travel too far to crash out. And as for the arrival of bride and groom… Jeep, Horse & Carriage, Limousine, Quad Bike – take your pick!


If you’re reading this with an equal measure of yes, yes, yes that’s what I want and absolute terror about where to begin….don’t panic! Undoubtedly, planning a wedding from such a blank canvass is slightly more terrifying than picking whether you want burgundy or green linen from a standard hotel wedding package. But think of how amazing it will be when you’re looking down from the top of the Ferris Wheel as your guests lounge in deck-chairs with bubbles and scream as they whizz round the waltzers. But two key things to remember, firstly don’t try and do it all at once, just work through element by element, getting great foundations in place first and then building on that. And speaking of foundations, find a venue with a brilliant events team who will hold your hand every step of the way – like Osgoodby Grange. (Or ask me about how I help couples with their event management, as well as being their celebrant). They will know the best suppliers who can help bring your vision to life. They’ll have experience of timings, weather conditions, health and safety – all of the things they work with every single day. Yes be a little bit scared, but absolutely don’t let it stop you, just trust your Rebel Heart!

Speaking of brilliant suppliers thanks to each and every one who participated in this styled shoot – especially Dawn Caroline Photography for letting me use her stunning images throughout this blog. You can find her website here

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