Saying goodbye to someone you have loved will always be painful but a ceremony to commemorate and reflect upon intimate moments and memories can be crucial to the gear shift of moving forward.


Modern funeral services place family and friends at the heart of the ceremony, involving you to create a moment that truly reflects your loved one. As your celebrant I’ll listen to your wishes, your stories, your memories and your tears to craft a ceremony that touches your congregation with moments of humour, joy and gratitude.

Whilst we will always respect the memory of your loved one, don’t be afraid of baring your rebel heart at a funeral, if that’s the right tone for you. Think Pirate Pistol Guards of Honour, Rocky Horror Show themed Memorial Services and Viking Ashes ceremonies – goodbye no longer has to be formal and traditional (unless you want it to be). As a celebrant I’m passionate about your story, learning about your loved one and being given the privilege of creating a ceremony that inspires your family and friends to celebrate life and move forward in a way that your loved one would be proud of.

If you’d like me to help with the funeral service of your loved one please either email me directly or ask your Funeral Director to do so on your behalf. You can choose any celebrant to officiate the ceremony and you don’t have to work with one the Funeral Director suggests.

If you are considering a memorial service or ashes interment ceremony please email me directly.


Divorce and separation are life-changing events and can be incredibly painful for all involved. Increasingly, those who have experienced this trauma are choosing to hold a more formal event to signal the ending of a chapter and creating an opportunity to move on positively. Especially where children are involved, divorce healing can be seen as a moment when the whole family transitions to a new way of living.

Divorce healing may feel like an unusual and slightly awkward occasion and it won’t be a ceremony that is appropriate for everyone. Like any ceremony, as your celebrant we’ll talk through your story, understanding why this would be the right approach for you and craft the words and event that creates the space for you to move forward into a happier phase. And as always, there’s still room for your rebel heart in a divorce healing – it’s all part of putting it back together.

If you’re unsure whether this would be right for you and want to chat it through in more detail why not give me a call or email me?