You found THE ONE – well done you, it’s a crazy world out there and if you and your chosen one are ready to embrace each other’s weirdness, it’s going to be an incredible ride.


If you’re looking for a truly personal wedding or commitment ceremony, where you can take the time to tell your love story, then I’d be honoured to work with you. And it doesn’t have to be huge, bold gestures (although if you want to have your wedding in the middle of a rock gig then I’m your girl). It could be adding those small, personal touches that makes your wedding intimately reflect who you and your other half are. My passion is listening to your story, getting under the skin of who you both are and then bringing that to life through totally bespoke words, music, rituals and celebrations, to create a wedding ceremony that is as unique as you are. We forget all about what SHOULD go into a wedding ceremony and create something totally from scratch that will mean everything to you and your guests.


I get that the whole legal ‘marriage’ gig isn’t for everyone, but what if you want to publicly celebrate your love and commitment? We can still create a beautiful, authentic and meaningful ceremony where you and your other half make the promises that matter to each other, in a way that reflects who you are. And if you and your loved one have changed a bit since first time around, a vow renewal could be the ideal occasion to reaffirm your commitment and celebrate how both you and your love has grown… and it’s an excuse for another rocking party!


Ready to Rock Your Rebel and have a chat about the next steps?

  • Give me a call or drop me an email and we’ll start with a no obligation chat, so I can learn more about what makes you guys tick and your ideas for your wedding or commitment ceremony.
  • I’ll have a glass of wine or two and think about how we could bring your ideas to life and create the ceremony that you want.
  • I’ll send over my top-line musings and a fully-costed proposal (I know from personal experience how important budget planning is for a wedding). Then you guys can can share a bottle of wine and decide whether I’m the celebrant for you! (And if I’m not don’t worry, I know lots of other brilliant celebrants)
  • Once you’ve said ‘YES’ (not for the first time) we’ll get cracking on creating your perfect ceremony through sharing mood boards, enthusing over crazy 2am inspiration, selecting rocking tunes and finding beautiful readings. Most importantly, I’ll be there every step of the way for all your wedding wobbles, to knock down the hurdles that are getting in the way and to reason with the erratic in-laws who are insisting on The Lord’s Prayer and singing the Beatles (unless that’s what you want too!).
  • And once the big day arrives… I’ll be there waiting to welcome you both to your ceremony with a reassuring smile and the perfect words to spark that wedding feeling you’ve always dreamed about.