With Rebel Heart Bars, it’s always Your Round, Your Rules!

Whether you dream of your own bespoke beer, brewed especially for your wedding,

Or need a cocktail creation themed around your event,

We aren’t tied to any brewery, supplier or brand so every event is a blank canvass where we create the bar offer you want.

Zany is in our nature so let your imagination run wild and let us know how you want the van to look like and what you want on board. If we can accommodate your concept we will transform for you!

Activation is key. Are you a Brand Manager wanting a cool platform to showcase your brand from? Our van is extremely flexible and can be rebranded using Air Vinyl or a wrap-around-structure to cover our logos if required. Let’s have a chat to see what we can do for you!

Our dedicated and passionate team deliver the perfect serve!

We work alongside your venue and their bar offer to collaborate on making your event extra special.

We can serve from our own van and bars, or just provide the team, stock and creativity to work from yours.

Why not incorporate cocktail rituals into your wedding ceremony with our sister-co Rebel Heart Ceremonies, before you and your other half jump in the van for some very cool photo opps!

Whether the drinks are on you for your guests, or you need a paid bar, we can work to whatever you need.

Rebranded for a Lactalis activation at the Barcode Festival Greenwich 2022

Find out more at www.rebel-heart.co.uk/EventBars

Email : [email protected]

Facebook: Rebel Heart Bars

Insta : RebelHeartBars

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