Whether it’s a welcoming a baby, blending families, a successful adoption or a new chapter, recognising and celebrating those life-changing moments makes them all the more special.


Your baby naming ceremony is an opportunity to say thanks for your little one’s safe arrival, along with openly sharing your hopes for their future. In involving your friends and family, you can cement the network that will be crucial to your child’s growth. At the same time, why not establish those vital roles such as who’ll be taking them to their first footie match, buying then their first alcoholic drink or indoctrinating them into thrash metal! ??????

We can involve recognised mentors or cool guardians (aka godparents) as well as incorporating elements such as memory boxes, wish trees and sand ceremonies for your little one to look back on in years to come.


If your family has come through the trauma of separation or bereavement and emerged to find love and happiness again, blending ceremonies can create the space to cement new bonds and make a commitment as a family. Step-siblings and parents come together and pledge to build a new life as one unit establishing security after turbulent times. It’s also a great reason to celebrate!


Equally after the often long and challenging process of adoption, parents may feel that a welcome ceremony creates the opportunity to thank friends and family for the support and mark the start of a new and happy chapter. As with naming ceremonies you can more formally recognise others who’ll be playing an important role in your child’s life and create physical reminders of their welcome to your family.


There are so many events in life that can have a deep and lasting impact on our personal well-being. Whether you’re passing through a significant life stage or age, experiencing gender transition or have recently embraced a new way of living, if you want to reflect, share, celebrate and commemorate it, who’s to tell you that you can’t! I would love to create the ceremony that recognises your journey and welcomes this new chapter of your life with openness, compassion and warmth.


Whoever or whatever you’re saying Hello to, together we can create a ceremony that celebrates, signals and recognises the moment your lives changed forever. Ceremonies can be simply a few words of thanks and public recognition of a child’s name, or a more elaborate production involving sand or water rituals involving all your guests. Remember it’s your story, so we’ll tell it your way! Why not drop me an email to start telling your rebel story?